You’re a busy woman. You don’t need womanly issues holding you back.

You know you can do great things, you already are. But wouldn’t it be nice to finally deal with the health issues that keep getting in your way and slowing everything down?

Well, you might find what you’re looking for here if …

  • You’re fed up with your hormones making you go a bit nuts every month and your periods are making it hard to live your life in the way that you want to.
  • You’re considering trying to conceive or you’ve already been trying for a while. Maybe you feel like your body is failing you and you’re questioning whether it’ll ever happen.
  • You’re recovering from a pregnancy loss or unsuccessful IVF.
  • You’ve got a baby on the way (hurrah!) and want to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth. Maybe you’re considering hiring a birth doula.
  • Motherhood is awesome but you’re realising you need to take care of yourself too.
  • Menopause is on the horizon and you don’t want to just put up with the symptoms you’re experiencing; you want to find ways to enjoy this phase of your life.

Sound familiar? 

Then welcome, I’m glad you found me.

Hi, I’m Maisie. I’ve been helping women to improve their health and live happier lives for over a decade. I do this work because I love women – their stories, their triumphs, their disasters, their energy and determination.

I offer a safe space where you can bring all your worries and dreams, a place where the focus is on taking care of you (at last). You might laugh, you might cry, but ultimately my clinic is a calm and positive space where I hope you’ll feel known and cared for.

What I do could be a great fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for an effective natural solution to your health issues.
  • You’d love to feel good about your lady parts instead of hating on them or doubting what they can do.
  • You want to be treated by someone who believes in laughter, not lectures.

I can help you by offering:

  • Kick arse treatments in the form of acupuncture, ATMAT®, aromatherapy and reflexology.
  • Birth support (doula-ing), private antenatal sessions, and placenta encapsulation.
  • Blog posts that make womanly issues make sense, finally.

I imagine we’ll get on like a house on fire if:

  • You’re a foody and love finding new places to eat or cooking great meals.
  • Going out dancing is just as important to you as getting to your favourite yoga class.
  • You believe in the healing power of cake (and gin).

Sounding good? 

Then head this way to book an appointment or complimentary phone consultation with me.