Ready to sort your hormonal and reproductive issues out?

I offer a safe space where you can bring all your worries and dreams, a place where the focus is on taking care of you (at last). You might laugh, you might cry, but ultimately my clinic is a calm and positive space where I hope you’ll feel known and cared for.

I’ve been helping women to improve their reproductive and hormonal health for over a decade. I do this work because I love women – their stories, their triumphs, their disasters, their energy and determination.

I’ll create a bespoke package of treatments, health coaching, and top notch self-care plans. We’ll use Eastern and Western medicine to delve deep and make sense of your symptoms, treat their root cause, and develop an in-depth strategy to achieve your goals. Leaving you feel like the you that you used to be.


Areas of expertise

I’ve been working in women’s health since 2006 as a practitioner and birth doula and what lights me up is dealing with hormonal and reproductive issues. I support women and people with wombs who are experiencing:

Availability & locations

My books are closed to new clients seeking out treatments and will be until 2021.

When online coaching sessions become available they’re offered to those on my email list.

Treatments I use

I’ve completed an extensive amount of training in various therapies and approaches, and work dynamically in order to achieve the results we want. How I treat you will depend on what issues you’re dealing with, where we are in our treatment plan, where you’re at in your cycle and/or life-cycle, as well as your personal preference.

The treatments I use include acupuncture, the Arvigo techniques of Maya abdominal therapy (ATMAT), reflexology, aromatherapy, and several types of massage.


How I work

I’ll look at your case from Eastern and Western perspectives, and chat with you about what a healthy and enjoyable diet might look like for you. I’ll want to see the results of any blood tests or investigations you’ve had, and if you’re charting your menstrual cycle, copies of some recent charts too. If you haven’t had any hormones tests and haven’t been charting your cycle, I may suggest that you do, that way we have more information to go by and I can approach your case in the most comprehensive way, rather than waste time by doing one thing at a time.

I’m big on self-care that’s achievable and sustainable, I go for easy wins that you can put in place immediately, which will get you in a stronger place so that you can make bigger changes with confidence and with my support.

Other than an initial consultation and treatment, I don’t offer stand-alone appointments. Although the way I work does produce some immediate effects, most of the results my clients seek happen over the course of a few menstrual cycles, which is why I offer three-month support packages.

I want you to get what you want out of working with me … and then move on with your life. I won’t encourage you to come week after week with no end point in sight. We’ll check in with how things are going on a regular basis and have open conversations about continuing to work together or reducing the frequency at which you come.