I adore Maisie and all she does. She brings a deep intuition as well as incredible practical wisdom to all her work around and periods and birth. She’s changed the way I view my cycle and has helped me overcome severe pain as well as tune in to the emotional side (read: helped me stop being such a bitch with PMS). I’m learning to use my cycle as a guide for how I work and plan my life. It’s empowering, grounding and brilliant. I wish I’d been taught this as a 15-year-old. That’s why this work is so important, in a world designed by men it’s crucial our young women and young men are in tune talking freely about all this stuff.
— Anna Jones, Chef, food stylist, and Author.
Acupuncture – I popped my cherry around week 6 and MY GOD it really did make the most difference to my nausea. Maisie is some kind of magical mystical Goddess who really understood my body and what was going on. I hardly had to say anything (mainly because I felt so rough) and she just popped needles into certain points on my body.
— Clemmie Hooper (Mother of Daughters), Midwife & Author
Maisie is one of the most incredibly nurturing, instinctive and inspirational women I have ever met. She has a perception which not many therapists have but absolutely need, which means she is completely tuned into you in an open and non-judgemental way. At the beginning of the treatment she asked me how I wanted to feel, “grounded” was my answer. One hour later I was so utterly connected to the earth I felt I had become almost part of it! It was the most energised, connected and stable I had felt all week. In fact I rate Maisie so highly I have asked her to come and work with me when I teach away. She is utterly brilliant, what else can I say?
— Naomi Absalom, yoga teacher.
Using Maisie’s guidance to track and observe my cycle has been brilliant. I’ve become more aware of the ebbs and flows of my hormones, which in turn helps me to understand my moods, my skin, my energy and do so much more! Maisie has opened my eyes to the advantages of each season. No longer do I view my period as the crummy time of the month - now I know that ‘Winter’ is for rest, relaxation and self care. I’m alive in my ‘Spring’, the lead up to ovulation, and make sure I use this supercharged time to kick start plans and get out there in the world!
— Katy Beale, London

Learning about my cycle and all the stages that it goes through was eye-opening on it’s own. But then layering on the language and understanding of the seasons has fundamentally changed my life, my outlook, my self-care routine and my interpersonal relationships, all for the better. A sense of calm has washed over me through this understanding that I was deeply searching for but didn’t know where to find the solution. Maisie has taught me that the solution is me by tuning into my cycle, to working with my cycle and harnessing the unique power that comes with being a woman and having a cycle. It’s the beginning of a magical journey!
— Eileen

I had long and irregular cycles as well as bad skin, I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and my only option through the NHS was to return to taking the contraceptive pill which I didn’t want to take. My friend recommended Maisie and as a result of our treatments my cycles are now regular and my skin is much clearer. I’ve also learnt so much about my cycles and women’s health – I can’t believe I was so naive about it! Maisie took my issues very seriously and I knew I was in amazingly capable hands.
— L, London

I was very skeptical about acupuncture helping me, and after a stressful 6 months of unsuccessful fertility treatment (following 3.5 years of trying to conceive), I never went into it expecting to conceive. However, I conceived in my first full cycle of treatment with Maisie!
— M, London

Having a woman who could not only treat the litany of headaches/pains/piles/insomnia and give real relief… and at the same time give wise and calming answers to my birth questions and, I confess, act as a bit of a shrink.. well it was great!
— R, London

When I got in touch with Maisie it was a cry for help and healing firstly after a missed miscarriage, and then later after a surgical termination. I was struggling to come to terms with two pregnancies that weren’t and was sceptical about how much only one or two sessions would help. Maisie was extremely present and focussed and I felt I was in great hands with real, relevant experience. The most impactful part was the simple realisation that I would get through it. Maisie brought with her the experience of generations of women and I felt that in her treatment. It was great to find someone who really just got it and could offer real support without fluff or platitudes.
— Anonymous

Following a miscarriage, I was feeling anxious and disconnected to my body. When I met Maisie I knew I was in good hands, she felt grounded and I could tell she genuinely wanted to help me. Maisie has an amazing sense of touch and made me feel very safe, which is exactly what I needed. There was a special moment in our session where I could feel all the built up pain and emotion leave my body. Maisie has healing hands and a big heart, she helped me to realise that I don’t need to do what doesn’t feel right … that I can say no!
— MC, Derry

When I first contacted Maisie I was struggling with exhaustion, aching joints, mood swings, sleepless nights, a dry throat and palpitations. I was sceptical about whether acupuncture could help for all of these symptoms but really hoped it would as I felt quite depressed and desperate. My constant shoulder pain disappeared after our first session, and everything else has either improved or gone completely. I can’t believe the massive change in my life and I’m so happy that I went down this route after having doctors tell me there was nothing wrong with me.
— V, London

Before seeing Maisie I had been advised to have a hysterectomy due to excessive heavy bleeding which resulted in the loss of hearing in one ear! I was feeling very unsupported and extremely weak so Maisie came to my home as I was unable to travel. I didn’t think that acupuncture would stop the bleeding but it did, and it was such a relief to feel so well cared for.
— K, London

The mother warming treatment I had a few days after my daughter was born really helped. Talking with Maisie during the treatment and feeling the warmth of the moxibustion really cleared my head, lifted my spirits and gave me an inner strength. She even took care of my newborn so that I could focus on myself during our sessions
— S, Tindale, London

During labour, I loved it when you looked at me and nodded and smiled as things progressed and became more intense, best pain relief ever! I also loved it that you knew what I needed all the time but never forced it upon me or made anyone feel pressured. You are very good at knowing these things and dropping subtle hints about them so everyone feels empowered. I would most definitely recommend you. In fact I would recommend that everyone needs a Maisie at their birth! Because you get it…birth, people, relationships, all of it. You are so intuitive & passionate about what you do. You don’t bring any agenda to you work as a doula. Your main aim is to understand the people you work with & do the best for them.
— Cat, London

I won’t go into the ins-and-outs of my labour, but let’s just say it was long. Three days long. Three nights of no sleep before the baby arrived, long. I honestly do not know how my husband and I would have coped without Maisie. It is difficult to describe everything that Maisie did for us, but two key things stand out. Having Maisie with us meant that neither my husband nor I had to worry whether things were ‘normal’. Maisie was there to reassure us that everything was okay, which kept our stress levels to a minimum and meant we could relax as much as possible. My husband benefited from this in particular and he describes the knowing nods and smiles that Maisie gave him as a great comfort during a very stressful time. The second benefit was that Maisie nursed me a lot more than I had anticipated. Perhaps naïvely, I had not realised how much physical care Maisie would provide. Maisie is not a midwife, and does not profess to be, however she cared for me with such compassion that I will be eternally grateful to her for the role she played in my labour.
— J, London.