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Maisie Hill is a highly qualified and sought-after women’s health expert with over a decade of experience as a practitioner and birth doula. Maisie knows the power of working with the menstrual cycle and believes that are hormones are there to serve us and help us get what we want out of life. In the growing trend for women to get a handle on their menstrual cycle, Maisie is a go-to authority and is quoted in publications from The Guardian to Grazia. Her first book, Period Power, came out May 2nd 2019 and became an instant bestseller, reaching the Top 50 of all books on Amazon.


When it comes to women's health, Maisie Hill is a one-stop powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and treatments. She's been helping women to deal with reproductive issues and balance their hormones since 2006, and has been nicknamed "The Womb Whisperer" because of her passion and dedication to helping women make sense of their health problems and treat them effectively. Instantly recognisable by her stunning tattoos and infectious smile, clients love her talented hands and optimistic spirit.

At the tender age of eight, Maisie discovered her gift for giving great treatments. Or at least she thought she had. In reality, her mum was surprised to find her using a comb to scrape massage her younger brother's back (if only her mum had known about gua-sha). Since being yelled at for leaving him and two childhood friends covered in red marks, she has completed a BSc in Chinese medicine acupuncture and has diplomas in the Arvigo techniques of Mayan abdominal therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, and paediatric acupuncture - though she has retained her own unique way of treating.

Maisie's passion for women's health kicked in when, despite being twenty years old and having zero interest in conceiving, she read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. After years of taking the oral contraceptive pill which didn't agree with her mental and sexual health, she was searching for ways to understand and connect with her reproductive system. Reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility didn’t just provide Maisie with a contraceptive method that actually suited her, it left her feeling amazed by her body and incredulous that nobody had told her this valuable information before. It was this that ignited her passion for learning about the menstrual cycle.

After undergoing extensive training in women’s health, Maisie now helps other women to discover the power of their own menstrual cycle. In 2017, Maisie created and launched the Womb Tang Clan, her signature online coaching programme to help women across the world understand their hormones and learn how to use the phases of the menstrual cycle to get what they want out of life. For some women this means knowing when they'll ooze confidence and nail all their meetings at work, for others it’s knowing when to try to conceive, and for most, it's knowing when to s-l-o-w down, say ‘no’, and nourish themselves. Powerful stuff.

Maisie has spent over a decade supporting hundreds of families during the childbirth year as a birth doula. She is a facilitator on the Red Tent Birth Educator training course, and a luminary for Birdsong Brooklyn’s doula mentorship programme.

What lights Maisie up is helping women to understand the inner workings of the reproductive system so that they can make sense of their menstrual cycle and use their hormones to great advantage in their lives. Her first book, Period Power, was published by Bloomsbury imprint, Green Tree, on May 2nd 2019.