Period problems?

Whether you’re crippled by pain, weak from heavy blood loss, losing the plot because your PMS is so full on, confused by erratic cycles … or just wondering where the hell your period has actually got to, know that things can be different.

You may already be aware that you have a gynaecological problem such as PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis or adenomyosis. Or perhaps you suspect that you do but aren’t sure what to do next. You may have been told that there’s nothing you can do other than go on the pill, take medication and/or have surgery, and whilst there is absolutely a place for both those treatment options in women’s health, it sucks when you feel backed into a corner with them as your only so-called “option”.

Newsflash: They’re not!

The good news is that there is plenty that can be done to support your hormonal and reproductive health, instead of or in addition to what you doctor has recommended. Some of which requires a qualified and experienced practitioner (yours truly) and some of which you can do yourself - you just need someone to tell you what’s gonna work for your particular situation, needs, and goals (me, again).

My approach treats the cause of illness as well as the symptoms, values your needs and wishes, and helps you to learn about your own health and well-being.

You may know that you want to have a family (or at least the option of having one), but for whatever reason, your current situation means that it’s not possible right now, but you’re interested in maintaining your health, so that when you are able to start that journey, you’re in a strong positive place.

I had long and irregular cycles as well as bad skin, I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and my only option through the NHS was to return to taking the contraceptive pill which I didn’t want to take. My friend recommended Maisie and as a result of our treatments my cycles are now regular and my skin is much clearer. I’ve also learnt so much about my cycles and women’s health – I can’t believe I was so naive about it! Maisie took my issues very seriously and I knew I was in amazingly capable hands.
— L, London.

The Plan

Menstrual cycle issues need a treatment strategy that’s consistent and cumulative. Think about it; if you were to ovulate today, the egg released by your ovary will have been maturing for a long time, and the last three months, specifically, will have had a massive impact on the health of the cycle that you’re currently in.

That’s why I use three-month blocks of treatment with my clients, because we need time to assess the cumulative effects of our joint efforts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see and feel the benefits of our time together within that time frame - I like my clients to notice a shift within the first month of working together (and it’s rare for them not to).

I find that a combination of acupuncture and the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (admittedly a bit of a mouthful, ATMAT® for short) work brilliantly at addressing most reproductive and fertility issues. ATMAT® is predominantly a self-care massage that I’ll teach you and is a fabulous way of supporting yourself when you’re having period and fertility issues … and all the way through to menopause and beyond.

Treating throughout the cycle

It is safe and ideal to have acupuncture throughout your menstrual cycle. Often women come with the idea that if they get period pain, for example, they should come when they’re in pain. Whilst that is a great time to come for a treatment if you’re able to, each phase of the cycle depends on what came before it, so I view, and treat, the cycle as a whole.

If you’re coming to me for ATMAT®, it’s best to avoid coming if your period is about to start or you’re bleeding. That being said, if you bleed for long periods of time or have unpredictable cycles, it’s best to come for a treatment whenever you can and we can adjust things to suit where you’re at.

If you are actively trying to conceive, be reassured that I always assume that each fertility client I see post-ovulation has conceived and I will treat you as if you’re pregnant during the two week wait.

Ready? Then let’s do this!