We don’t talk about menopause much do we?

When it happens we are often unprepared for it, and are unsupported as we make our way through it. Even one peri-menopausal symptom can change your whole life, so although women’s experiences of menopause vary from gentle to turbulent, it is always significant and we ought to honour it.

Changing times.

During menopause the illusions of life slip away and you are faced with your inner world, whilst at the same time trying to navigate your place in the world. All the stuff we haven’t dealt with shows up in menopause and that can be scary, but there is gold amongst it that can give us great understanding, wisdom and strength in our older years.

Relieving unpleasant symptoms and receiving support through treatments gives you the space to make the most out of this powerful time.

When I first contacted Maisie I was struggling with exhaustion, aching joints, mood swings, sleepless nights, a dry throat and palpitations. I was skeptical about whether acupuncture could help for all of these symptoms but really hoped it would as I felt quite depressed and desperate. My constant shoulder pain disappeared after our first session, and everything else has either improved or gone completely. I can’t believe the massive change in my life and I’m so happy that I went down this route after having doctors tell me there was nothing wrong with me.
— V, London.

Death. Void. Rebirth.

Menopause is a process which works you and may break you open – it’s the PMS phase of the menstrual cycle amplified to a ridiculous level.

You may feel like an entirely different woman which can be disempowering, upsetting and frustrating … or perhaps you’re finding it liberating (I hope so). There is a clarity and truth-speaking which can be revelatory; how many years have we stayed silent and cared too much about what others think?!

Yet our impulse to get rid of the crap can be dangerous if it isn’t used wisely – like pruning a bush to within an inch of its life. Taking time out of normal life to nourish and focus on yourself can soften the edges, allowing you to approach any changes you’ve realised you need to make from a considered and grounded place. And that, ladies, means you can keep your inner-critic in check.

If there’s one thing which can mess up menopause, it’s exhaustion.

So many women I see are landing in their menopausal years feeling depleted, and it’s no wonder – we do a hell of a lot! We juggle so many jobs and roles, and too often do things for others long before we consider how to take care of ourselves.

Add in a dose of insomnia and a sprinkle dousing of night-sweats and we have a perfect recipe for extreme fatigue. Oh and perhaps long and heavy periods just to make things even easier.

Before seeing Maisie I had been advised to have a hysterectomy due to excessive heavy bleeding which resulted in the loss of hearing in one ear! I was feeling very unsupported and extremely weak so Maisie came to my home as I was unable to travel. I didn’t think that acupuncture would stop the bleeding but it did, and it was such a relief to feel so well cared for.
— K, London

That’s why menopause has to be centred around self-care.

Have you learnt how to say “no” yet? Without apologising or making excuses? 

Are you prioritising your happiness and your health?

What is self-care to you? Is it getting outside every day, resting, chucking everyone out of the house so you can get some peace, delegating chores, travelling, spending time with women who get it, doing something about those relationships which aren’t serving you, changing your eating habits or working hours, going to that yoga class you love, having treatments that leave you feeling human again, or savouring some delicious dark chocolate?

Whatever works for you, please do it, because beyond this time of personal transformation lies the bigger picture.

The future is female.

Our post-menopausal years involve stepping into a larger consciousness; a place where we move beyond ourselves and focus on sorting the world out. Thanks to longer life expectancy and the baby boomers, there are more post-menopausal women living on this planet than ever before – think of what we can achieve with that energy!

Need some help getting there?

Then I’d love to help.