Read this if you struggle to make decisions

Do you ever get your knickers in a twist about making the right decision?

Perhaps you go back and forth about what the right thing to do is so much that you feel overwhelmed and paralysed, to the point where you end up making no decision whatsoever.

This was a problem that one of my private coaching clients was telling me about recently. She told me how she'd been feeling confused about what to do about a work situation and the worry and pressure to do 'the right thing' was keeping her up at night. Sound familiar?

Our busy lives are filled with decision making moments. Some are little, some are large. They’re all potentially life-altering and that can feel overwhelming. Not only that but making decisions can be exhausting!

What if there was a way to lighten the load?

I’m going to give you my favourite tips on how to use your cycle to make decisions. They're what I shared with my client and exactly what I use in my own life too. So let’s get stuck in:

1. Know your cycle.

It goes without saying that we are all different, so you need to know what your cycle is like and what your personal tendencies are. If there’s a day in your cycle where you feel particularly vulnerable, then that's probably not the day to make a big decision. Or if you’re oozing confidence around ovulation and making decisions about things that you’ll have to do when you’re premenstrual, then perhaps an air of caution or some clever scheduling would be wise? You don’t want to be feeling the doom and wondering ‘why the hell did I agree to this?’ and descending into negative internal mental chatter.

2. Use your cycle to make decisions.

There are key times in the cycle that can really support decision making:

  • Winter (bleeding phase) is the perfect time to take some time out and see if any insights or solutions come to you. Sure, you can really get in the zone and meditate, but you could also just take an actual lunch break, get outside, stop scrolling and see what happens. You might find that all the puzzle pieces suddenly slot into place.

  • Spring (pre-ovulation) is a great season to play around with things. It’s a time to test things out, see what feels good and make decisions from there.

  • Summer (ovulatory phase) is when you might feel more daring and up for trying new things. This is the time for making great strides and big, bold decisions.

  • Autumn (premenstrual phase) is when you might find yourself really examining what’s working for you and what isn’t. For some, this can make decision making easy. For others, it can complicate things. Which is why it’s paramount that you get to know your cycle.

3. Don't skip meals.

If your blood sugar is all over the place because you're riding high on caffeine and sugar, skipping meals and getting hangry - particularly in your Autumn - then how on earth are you going to make a decision of any kind, let alone one that feels really good?

Don't skip meals and make sure you're eating protein at every meal so that you’re grounded in your body and less likely to get caught up with what’s going on in your head. That way you can connect to your gut and make decisions that feel right.

There are so many ways that you can use your cycle to aid you in making decisions and to help you trust in the decisions that are right for you.

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P.S. Forward motion - even if you have to pivot at some point - is better than none at all.

Maisie Hill