Is your womb a total ball-ache?

There’s a lot tangled up in your lady-space, and I don’t just mean those love eggs you experimented with back in 2001.

Let’s face it, our wombs deal with a lot:

Periods. Birth Control. Cells that won’t behave accordingly. Miscarriages. Terminations. Birth. Menopause. Lovers who brought happiness. Lovers who brought pain. Sex that we desired and got. Sex we wanted but missed out on. Sex we didn’t want. Babies that weren’t planned. Babies that were planned but didn’t come. Surgeries that helped. Surgeries that didn’t.

It’s time to give your womb some love.

Wombs are incredible. Full of power, your womb is the seat of your creativity. Babies, projects, dreams; they all originate here.

But they can be as messy as a teenager’s bedroom. And as constant and perplexing as a teenager’s mood swings.

Our wombs aren’t dirty, but like a teenagers bedroom, they need to be aired out and tidied. Thankfully, your menstrual cycle takes care of a lot of that for you.

Need more?

Then think of me as the cleaner who comes in once or twice a month to do a big sort out. And I’ll be giving you some tools so that you can spend five mins a day staying on top of things.

Arvigo Therapy consists of a deep but nurturing abdominal and back massage. It’s also known as Mayan Womb Massage, but don’t fret, I won’t be getting all up in your business – it’s all done externally.

“I had a very strange 24 hours after my treatment – something definitely shifted!! I felt profoundly sad for a large chunk of the afternoon, like I was really grieving something. Then I slept really well on Friday night and by Saturday felt really grounded. Like I’d done a solid few hours of yoga. I’m not sure quite how to explain the sensation but I really feel I benefited from the treatment so thank you.”

It’s for you, if any of the following apply:

  • Your reproductive system is crying out for some attention (oh, how I understand that one).
  • You’re getting ready to try for a baby, or you’ve been trying for a while (who the hell said patience is a virtue?)
  • You’re preparing for IVF (or recovering from it).
  • Your digestive system is prone to hissy fits of some kind (let’s give that monster a big love-bomb).
  • You’ve stopped using the birth control pill or have had your coil removed, and want help getting your cycle in check.
  • You missed the baby boat / experienced trauma / have a negative relationship with your womb.
  • You’re transitioning into a new phase of your life (like motherhood and menopause), and want a way to support yourself.
  • You want to be treated by me but you’re restricted by time / distance.

Put off by practitioners who tell you that you need to see them every week?

Then you’re gonna love this because although I’m sure you’re wonderful, I don’t want to see you all that often.

Most of my Arvigo clients come to see me once a month, and twice a month is the most frequent that I’ve treated someone who is coming solely for Arvigo therapy.

Instead, I’m going to teach you how to do the abdominal massage. A big part of why the massage works so well is that it’s largely based on a self-care practice.

“Following a miscarriage, I was feeling anxious and disconnected to my body. When I met Maisie I knew I was in good hands, she felt grounded and I could tell she genuinely wanted to help me. Maisie has an amazing sense of touch and made me feel very safe, which is exactly what I needed. There was a special moment in our session where I could feel all the built up pain and emotion leave my body. Maisie has healing hands and a big heart, she helped me to realise that I don’t need to do what doesn’t feel right … that I can say no!” – M.C., Derry.

Here’s how it all works:

  • When you book your appointment, you’ll receive an intake form to fill in.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll chat through your intake form, so that I can completely understand what you’re bringing to our sessions and what you’re hoping for. This also gives you time to ask me questions before we get started.
  • Next up; the delicious bodywork! Sure, I’ll be taking care of your belly and lower back but I’ll take care of your neck and shoulders (or wherever it is you store your tension) too.
  • Before you float out the door, I’ll show you how to carry out the self-care. Watch out, this will probably change your life. Get ready to say goodbye to your belly issues.
  • I’ll check in with you the following day to see how you’re feeling, and to email you your self-care instructions. It’s highly likely that after your session, you’ll be too relaxed to remember what I say, so emailing them to you takes care of that!


Our first session is 90 mins (£90), which gives us time to chat through your consultation form and for me to teach you how to do the self-care. Follow ups are 60 mins (£65 in Peckham).

Next step?

If you’re ready to jump in and book your first appointment or a free consultation, head this way.


When is the best time to have an Arvigo® treatment?

Generally, it’s best to avoid having one a few days before your period starts and whilst you’re bleeding. If you’re trying to conceive then the ideal time to come is between your period and ovulation.

I highly recommend coming at a time when you can go home and rest afterwards. You’ll be feeling pretty relaxed and perhaps feeling the need to release emotionally. Some women feel a deep need for stillness and quiet, so think a bath and bed, not dinner with friends!

I'm having IVF, can you treat me?

I can (hurrah).

Depending on where you are in your protocol we’ll adapt the treatment in order to be mindful of the IVF process.

Ideally we’ll have started working together months before your IVF cycle starts, but if you’ve only just discovered ATMAT® or me, don’t worry, wherever you’re at now is always a good time to start.

Can I be treated if I have an IUD or have just had surgery?

Great question.

If you have an IUD in place then not all of the treatment will be appropriate for you, and if you have recently had surgery then we will need to wait until your scars are well healed. Please get in touch so that we can discuss things further.