Maisie Hill ReflexologyMuch more than a foot massage.

Sure, all foot massages are lovely (except a particularly punishing one I had in Thailand), but reflexology works on the premise that all of the body’s internal organs, structures, systems and glands are represented in the feet, and by stimulating specific pressure points on the feet, imbalances can be detected and treated to restore balance.

It’s deeply relaxing and effective.

I’m used to combining the different therapies I’m trained in to suit my clients’ needs, and many of my clients comment on how surprised they are that it’s the work I do on their feet which leads to the biggest releases of tension.

Reflexology works wonderfully well on its own and I’m also happy to use a few needles on acupuncture points in order to deepen the effects of your session, or spilt your session with some massage.

What can it help with?

Reflexology can be used on a regular basis to maintain wellbeing or to help alleviate stress-related conditions. Benefits include soothing the nervous system, boosting energy levels, relieving headaches and tension, rectifying digestive disorders, stimulating the circulation, improving menstrual disorders and relieving insomnia.

Reflexology in pregnancy.

Reflexology is a safe treatment to have in pregnancy and indeed many midwives recommend it.

I’ve received additional training in maternity reflexology and as a qualified acupuncturist who specialises in pregnancy and birth, I’m also able to use acupressure points to treat whatever issues are bothering you … or to simply help you prepare for birth and motherhood (yes, it can be used to encourage your labour to start)!

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