“Acupuncture – I popped my cherry around week 6 and MY GOD it really did make the most difference to my nausea. Maisie is some kind of magical mystical Goddess who really understood my body and what was going on. I hardly had to say anything (mainly because I felt so rough) and she just popped needles into certain points on my body.Clemmie Hooper, midwife and blogger.

Maisie has set the bar pretty high for practitioners since she was my very first experience of an acupuncturist, and I couldn’t possibly go to anyone else now! For several months prior to my first visit, I had been suffering from a restriction in my right arm and thought acupuncture might be able to release it, so I went along to the clinic located at the place I was then working at. By chance, I was allocated Maisie and couldn’t have been luckier. After taking a rather long medical history about every aspect of my bodily functioning, the treatment started and I was delighted that just a week later, my arm was working again!

However, Maisie had noticed other “problems” which I hadn’t picked up on. I write problems in inverted commas because to me they weren’t problems as such, just the way that me and my body were at in the latter stages of my 20s. One such problem that I had suffered since the very first at 11 years old, were heavy periods (heavy clots, flooding, anaemia, pain etc). To my surprise, Maisie told me this could be treated and so I let her. Gosh, she was right. My very next period seemed to belong to some other woman; it was lighter, almost clot free and shorter. As was the next and the next and remains long after treatment ceased. Issues with stress, anxiety, emotions were also treated to make me a more relaxed and content individual- it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by my friends.

A serene, intuitive, intelligent and passionate individual, Maisie is dedicated to helping women in particular (hooray!) but also anyone who, like me, needs to be treated but not entirely sure what for. Maisie’s ears must constantly be burning because as soon as anyone tells me they suffer from anxiety or heavy periods, the first person I mention to go to is her- I couldn’t recommend Maisie highly enough” – K, London.

I was very skeptical about acupuncture helping me, even though a few friends had told me about it helping with conception. When my sister recommended Maisie, I had a look at her website and felt reassured that it was the right thing for me to do at the time. I thought it would be beneficial for me for lots of reasons after being through quite a stressful 6 months of unsuccessful fertility treatment (following 3.5 years of trying to conceive), but I never went into it expecting to conceive. However, I conceived in my first full cycle of treatment with Maisie!

Other benefits of being treated by her include; having a much better understanding of my cycles, my fertility and how to pay more attention to what’s happening internally and how to take better care of myself when needed.

I also really enjoyed all the interesting and strange questions Maisie asked me, they made me notice things about myself that I didn’t know before and I was fascinated to know what my answers told her about what was going on internally. I’ve recommend her for lots of reasons, not just to people in my situation but friends tend to ask me for her details to give to their friends as well. – M, London.

Prior to having acupuncture with Maisie, I was a bit skeptical about its effectiveness. However, the acupuncture sessions in the prenatal period often calmed me down & at the same time allowed me to take time to connect with myself more deeply, which was actually quite an emotional experience. I recognised that I was actually feeling quite vulnerable despite being on an incredible journey to discover my natural birthing mama strengths. So the benefits were both physical & immediate, as well as longer term awareness & understanding about myself in relation to birth & in general.

I experienced the most powerful results in the immediate post natal period when I had anxiety & felt low. I remember one treatment in particular where after the acupuncture I felt really cleansed & mentally calm.

Another benefit is that I would seek out acupuncture again in the future & would have confidence using it.

I loved the way Maisie used reflexology, music, aromatherapy & her incredible listening skills along with acupuncture to intuitively treat me each session depending on what I needed. I also loved the use of acupuncture to help me birth the placenta & to treat my back…as I write this I realise that she always had her needles at the ready to do their magic & that was so reassuring.

I would definitely recommend her! In fact I already have, because she is an intuitive, calm & skilled acupuncturist, with such a deep knowledge & care for pregnant & birthing females. – C, London.

I always wanted pre-birth and in-labour acupuncture, as I felt it was a treatment which had helped me to regulate my cycle, and I believed it could be useful in anything from promoting labour to easing pain of delivery etc.

As it was, having a woman who could not only treat the litany of headaches/pains/piles/insomnia and give real relief… and at the same time give wise and calming answers to my birth questions and, I confess, act as a bit of a shrink.. well it was great. The nights Maisie came I slept, my cold went, etc.

I perhaps was surprised at her style of acupuncture – she is of the Chinese, non-fluffy approach – but truthfully I kind of dug it as I like results.

I’d recommend her not only for her skill with needling (I’m sure not only for birth), but her general approach, wisdom and friendliness. You want her to stay on for supper (and on the odd happy night she did).

The major thing I’ve noticed post acupuncture is that my legs and feet are no longer swollen!! In today’s heat they would usually have puffed right up – but they look normal which is great!!

This afternoon I feel quite energised and my nagging worries about the birth have completely left me. I feel much more relaxed – it’s almost like my body won’t allow me to get anxious about it! Which again I feel is a result of our treatment. Thank you!

Last Christmas an MRI scan confirmed that I had suffered two herniated discs in my lower back which were pressing on the sciatic nerve in my left leg. There was little to be done except keep taking the pain pills and diazepam that my GP had prescribed. Nothing got close to the pain except the 48 hours’ worth of super-strong painkillers that casualty had supplied one particularly agonising day, but they were loathe to give me any more in case I developed a dependency. I couldn’t walk or sleep. I was signed off work and confined to the house, where I used a walking stick to get around.

January was well underway by the time that, in desperation, I contacted Maisie, who I didn’t know that well then, but I knew she was an acupuncturist. I still couldn’t leave the house, so she gave up an evening to come over. After a thorough consultation about all aspects of my health, which displayed an attention to detail that you tend not to get from medical practitioners, she laid me on my side on my bed and set to work. She was so gentle and intuitive that I barely felt her flick the needles in and she kept up communication throughout, checking that they were in the right place and that I could feel the tiny chi “twinge” when she twisted them. Her manner of treatment was incredible and at no point did I feel anything other than completely relaxed. I’m not an acupuncture sceptic but I had had a bad experience years before with a trainee who’d forgotten about me for three hours after administering the needles. My experience with Maisie couldn’t have been more different. After the treatment I immediately felt better and managed to sleep through the night for the first time in weeks. I consider it no coincidence that I was back at work within the next couple of days. It still took some time for me to be able to walk without the stick, but I was back to full strength within a few weeks. I haven’t suffered since that first treatment, but if I feel the sciatica returning I will not hesitate to call Maisie.

She is an amazing, empathetic, holistic practitioner. Her ability to put her patients at ease and to be genuinely interested in their welfare is astonishingly reassuring. I am forever in her debt for helping me through a very difficult time when I could see no end to pain and immobility. – Holly Barringer.

As a yoga teacher and trained Thai Yoga massage therapist I can be pretty picky about physical therapists. It’s not that I don’t want them to be good or criticise their techniques (I really do and I really, truly don’t), it’s just that I need someone who has as much or even a greater knowledge than me, someone who is perceptive in quite an extraordinary way about the body and mind, be it physically, energetically or emotionally. When I feel this is the case it means I can really let go and trust whose hands I’m in. Maisie is just this rarity. She has a perception which not many therapists have but absolutely need, which means she is completely tuned into you in an open and non-judgemental way.

Put all of this aside for a moment and I can tell you that she is one of the most incredibly nurturing, instinctive and inspirational women I have ever met. I have the great honour of teaching Maisie yoga and recently while on retreat she gave me reflexology. At the beginning of the treatment she asked me how I wanted to feel, “grounded” was my answer. One hour later I was so utterly connected to the earth I felt I had become almost part of it! It was the most energised, connected and stable I had felt all week. In fact I rate Maisie so highly I have asked her to come and work with me when I teach away. She is utterly brilliant, what else can I say?” – Naomi Absalom