No, there’s no bun in my oven (sorry, doula sisters, you’re gonna have to keep waiting).

But, I do have some exciting news (don’t worry, not enough to challenge your pelvic floor): I’ve got a women’s health workshop coming up in May.

Read on, if:

  • You think that your period is the same as your cycle (it’s not, but don’t worry, it’s a very common mistake to make and everything will become clear on day one).
  • You’d like practical tools which allow you to create a life which is in tune with your body’s rhythms.
  • You want to know how to adjust your yoga practice according to your menstrual cycle (or moon cycle for the post-menopausal ladies).
  • You want to feel connected to your heart and womb so that you can hear and develop your own wisdom.
  • You want to reframe how you view your reproductive system (maybe you have menstrual symptoms / fertility issues / have experienced trauma, and have trouble loving this part of you).


I’m going to be busting out the need-to-know, can’t-be-skipped women’s health essentials. I’ll be giving you the low-down on some basic biology (there’s no test at the end, though if there was, I’m confident you’d nail it after this), and getting into the juicy business of how women change as we move through the different phases of our monthly cycle.

Life-changing, like my first time with Mimi.

There’ll be a super-insightful guided visualisation, complete with journalling / drawing (whichever floats your boat), so that you can journey into yourself and discover what messages are waiting to be heard, and that, ladies, is where the work gets BIG … I don’t want to spoil it, but you’re going to be learning how you can use your cycle to get the most out of your life. This work is often deeply emotional and spiritual, but with a very practical basis for living in the modern world.

After you’ve had a delicious lunch in our café – hello, millet burgers and raw chocolate cake – (other eateries are available), we’re going to be getting into a nourishing and insightful yoga practice, which will allow you to explore how you can adapt your practice to suit your needs as you flow through each phase of your cycle. Our afternoon practice, led by Mollie Morris and myself, will build on the wisdom of our morning session.


Many traditional yoga forms were designed for men, with linear, movements and a focus on repetition and regularity and sometimes a military discipline. In some yoga traditions, we are taught to make our body fit the practice, or to skip the practice altogether. As women, our bodies have different rhythms and needs at different moments in our cycles.

Using seasonal traits to effectively manage our energy levels, we can also practice and embody different qualities based on our cyclic rhythms. This supports our bodies’ transitions through our cycles and stages of life. Expect to move and feel, but also to leave with inspirations for aligning your practice to your body (and not the other way around).

Sound good? Here are the details:

Saturday 10th May

10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm (each session is £30)

Sadhaka Yoga Centre, Camden, London, NW1

Ready to book?

Then head over here to book your spot for the morning, and here for the afternoon practice.

See you ladies there! 

Big love, Maisie.


If you sign up for the whole weekend (Sunday features a Sister Yoga Circle and Belly Dancing), it’s only £100. Bargain.

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