Over the past month or so I’ve realised that with most of my projects, I tend to get to 80% finished, feel a sense of achievement and then, yep, you guessed it, move on to something else. Do you do the same?

Think about it, what things are hanging over your head? What do you keep putting off?

My list:

  • File my tax return (thankfully Rosie from One Man Band Accounting is on hand to help with this).
  • Study for (and pass) my paediatric acupuncture exam.
  • Go through my emails and make sure I’m up to date before the holidays.
  • Buy some picture frames (one of my acupuncture patients gave me some of her amazing prints as a gift this year).
  • Order business cards.
  • Figure out how to schedule appointments and receive payments online.
  • Get some hinges from Ikea (they sent me a wardrobe but didn’t include any hinges, the door has been leaning against my wall for months now).
  • Mail all the lovely cards I bought this year for the special folk who have touched my life. I have a terrible habit in that I go out and find the perfect card, write it and then promptly forget to mail it. See? 80%

So what’s the hurry?

In the lead up to Christmas, our focus tends to be on socialising and buying presents, but over the next fortnight I’m urging you to get s**t done. You heard me, get it done. January is the most depressing month of the year, and when it rolls around you do not want a load of unfinished stuff niggling away at you. Is this sounding familiar? I’ve certainly been there.

With the arrival of Winter on the 21st of December, our bodies and minds will undertake the natural process of turning inward; our version of hibernating. Our bodies will seek to preserve and protect by holding on to our internal energy and warmth. This is the reason that we should take care to nourish ourselves and not put ourselves under physical or mental strain. Winter is not the season to detox or start a new project that requires a lot of input, save that for the energy of Spring. Instead, tie up any loose ends and give yourself some space.

Space for what?

How about some space to be gentle and kind to yourself, space to reflect on 2012, to consider what you’ve learned and achieved, space to daydream about whatever it is that makes your soul sing, perhaps plan how you can do more of that in 2013. How about some space for stillness? If you’ve never tried meditation, this is a great time of year to give it a go as it can decrease your stress levels whilst boosting your immunity and energy levels. Get Some Headspace is a great place to start, particularly as they have a free ten-day trial. Find the idea of meditation a bit scary? So did I. In fact it seemed impossible, but just doing ten mins a day made it accessible, and now I love my Headspace app. If you’re feeling daunted, just remember that it’s not about clearing your mind of thoughts (which is why it felt impossible to me), it’s about allowing thoughts and feelings to come up, but instead of being attached to them, you’re able to view them with clarity, and bit by bit, let go of things. If you’d like to know more, check out Headspace’s super cool animations below.

So what are you putting off, and how much time are you spending thinking about these things? How much time and energy could you save if instead of spending hours procrastinating, you just did them?

Imagine how it will feel to breathe that sweet sigh of relief when you finally finish things off.

Now go and take care of business.


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