Want to contact me? I’ll be wildly enthusiastic about hearing from you if …

  • You’d like me to use my healing hands and tiny powerful needles to treat you (awesome, I love doing this work).
  • You’re keen for me to be your doula (the birth junkie in me will be thrilled).
  • You want to invite me to give a talk, write an article or guest post for your blog.
  • You have some delightful news to share or know of a great restaurant / café which you think I should check out.

I’ll be a **bit** less interested if …

  • You live AGES away. That is unless you’re interested in arranging a day for me to come and treat you and your friends (have passport, will travel).
  • You’re a bloke looking for a special type of treatment. Seriously, don’t even bother.

Last but not least …

  • If you’re ready to jump in and book a treatment with me (ooohh exciting!) you can do so here.
  • If you’d like me to be your doula, I’m touched and excited! Annnnnd … I’m only taking three bookings in 2018 (3 2 1 space left).