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Coven Magazine

Issue 2 of Coven, online and in stores NOW.

 Action, Art & Adventure for women.

Issue Two features Surfer Nikita Robb, Photographer Camilla Stoddart, Skateboarders Sophie Allen & Maria Falbo, Motocross, Yoga, Snowboarder Lisa Filzmoser, Tattooist Nikole Lowe, Fixed Gear Cyclist Jenna Makgill, Stunt Woman, Cyclist and Fitness Queen Kym Perfetto, Amelia Brodka, Carol Martori.

Plus my summer well-being article about skin care!

Coven Magazine


The first issue of Coven is out!

There aren’t many magazines on the shelves that I feel are for me, so I was really happy to hear about Coven, a new women’s magazine that’s all about action, art, and adventure.

Issue one features Roisin Dunne (talented artist), Lisa Rands (professional climber), Rose Choules (shoe designer and maker), Jenny Jones (snowboarder), Shanice Silvia Cruz (BMXer), and Christina Panteliodisa (fixed gear freestyle rider).

Oh yeah, and I’m their health columnist.

It’s available in print, and online here.