I just wanted to say that you truly were a champion throughout Max’s arrival. I don’t know how we would have coped without your calm presence and general all-round support and knowledge.

I think you know that I was sad that I didn’t have quite have the birth I was planning and prepping for, but the fact that I am not haunted or traumatised by it says a lot about how you helped me adapt to the changing situation and circumstances as the time went on (even before we got to hospital). It’s a real testament to your kindness and people skills that you are able to encourage people, showing them the good, positive side to any course of action, yet still allow them the time to be sad or upset about what’s going on.

As I said today, I think you were the essential link between us and the hospital staff. A great middle-woman! Every now and again I think of moments when you just seemed to know what I needed in the hospital when nobody else seemed to have a clue! The midwives were great – on the whole – but most weren’t tuned in to me in the way that you were and I was surprised that they didn’t seem to know when I was having a contraction without looking at the machine’s print out…

All the lovely little things you did made the time bearable and I will always be grateful for your on-going foot and leg massages. Possibly the longest in history! They really helped calm me down, especially when I wasn’t mobile and the epidural twitching set in.

It was also incredible that you stayed so late on the night of the op and then came back the next day for more! Above and beyond the call of duty I think!

Other things that were really useful were your practical tips and help. Although in retrospect I didn’t actually need it, the Epi-No was a good buy. Thanks for that. The Orgasmic Birth was also useful to have watched. Additionally, the fact that you were trained in Hypnobirthing was also really helped. Even if we didn’t make use of everything I had read about or done in class, the breathing techniques and use of soft lighting and music was really key I think in setting the tone for the time in hospital. And you really helped with that.

My mum and dad (and in fact all my family) really loved you too, and it was such a relief to have your gentle support in a way that didn’t put their noses out of joint but actually made them feel safer.

You are a really talented and intuitive doula and I will be recommending you to all and sundry!

Please do stop by any time. All of us would love to see you and I’ll make sure Max is told about the vital role you played in his safe arrival. We’ll always be grateful.

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