I want to live in a world where people are excited about giving birth.

I want it to make sense to you, for it to feel do-able. I want you to know your options, to know how to tilt the scales in your favour. I want you to understand the essence of the birth process. I want you to feel strong and ready to have a great birth, whether that means having a natural homebirth, a birth with pain relief, or having a planned caesarean birth (it’s your birth, your choice). I want your partner to feel comfortable with their role in it all, I want them to have some tricks up their sleeve so they can support you in awesome ways without feeling pressured.

I’ve lost count of the times couples have told me their antenatal class was a bit “meh”.

That it wasn’t suited to their outlook or situation. That the teacher didn’t cover what they wanted to learn, that they clearly didn’t approve of their birth choices so they left feeling disempowered and judged. That they didn’t even like the other couples (so much for new friends).

That’s why I started offering standalone birth preparation sessions.

Because group classes don’t suit everyone. Because even if they are top-notch, there’s probably some stuff you want to explore on a more personal level, with someone whose focus is on you, not the needs of the whole group.

Each session is two hours, and I’m confident you’ll only need one.

When you boil them down to their essence, labour and birth are actually pretty simple. And with ten years experience doing individual antenatal sessions with couples and attending births as a doula, I know what I’m doing when it comes to explaining the ins and outs of it all. At the end of our two hours together, you’ll be left feeling fully clued up, confident about exploring and making choices, and dare I say it, excited about giving birth!

What will we cover?

That largely comes down to what you want, though it’s perfectly ok and very normal to not know what you want.

Some ideas: The hormones of labour and what helps and hinders them. What to do if labour takes a long time. What to do if it’s a speedy one. Exploring where you might give birth (home, birth centre, labour ward). How to decide when it’s a good time to head to the hospital. Positions to labour and birth in, and the props you can use to stay in them comfortably and without using all your energy. How to get the best support out of your birthing team and communicating your wishes to them. Avoiding intervention that you don’t want. Understanding interventions and when they might be appropriate. Using natural methods of pain relief. Making the most out of medical pain relief. Getting breastfeeding off to a calm and confident start. How to have a positive caesarean birth. Caring for your newborn. Caring for yourselves.

Here’s an outline of the process and all the details:

  1. You head over here to let me know you’re interested and we can set up a time and a place for your two-hour birth prep session (your place, mine or Skype).
  2. I send you an invoice for £300, you pay £150 as a deposit, the remaining £150 can be paid on the day of your appointment (payment plan available by request).
  3. I email you a pre-session questionnaire which you return to me before our appointment. That way I know where you’re at with things and what you want out of our time together, so that I can laser in on what’s important.
  4. We meet and get down to business. I love all your questions and answer them in ways which make sense to you. We explore some common themes around birth as well your own hopes and fears, and have some fun along the way too.
  5. You’re left feeling amazed at how your worries have either softened or been shut down, and happy at the clarity you now have when it comes to making decisions.
  6. I leave you feeling gutted that I won’t be with you for the main event, but pumped up and excited that you’ll approach it all feeling confident and informed.
  7. You receive a follow-up email from me including a collection of resources and ideas to help continue the good work we’ve started.
  8. Your partner will have the opportunity to be in touch with me over email/phone about anything they want to discuss privately.
  9. For the rest of your pregnancy, you have priority access to my inbox and brain. That means you can hit me up for more information and resources if you find yourself needing them or your situation changing.
  10. You go off and have a birth which you feel great about.

Optional: I get a picture of your very cute baby.

A birth preparation session is all about you guys and what you want – no judgement from me or trying to convince you to do things a certain way.

Head this way to let me know you’re interested.