Doula-ingYour journey to become pregnant may have been quick, it may have been a surprise, or it may have been a challenge that took years and cost a hell of a lot emotionally and financially. However it happened, congratulations. You’re here now.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time … and it can also be really rough!

Fundamentally, it’s a time when you need support; your body is changing, you are changing, your relationships and work life are shifting. How can you continue on as normal when there’s the incredible process going on inside you all the time that just so happens to have you conked out on the sofa at 7pm every single night?!

If you don’t have a strong crew around you, now is the time to start building one, so start scoping out your local mum scene and find your mum mates at a great pregnancy yoga class. Having one or two go-to practitioners for support can also be invaluable. >>>>Spoiler alert: This is where I come in!<<<<

Acupuncture – I popped my cherry around week 6 and MY GOD it really did make the most difference to my nausea. Maisie is some kind of magical mystical Goddess who really understood my body and what was going on. I hardly had to say anything (mainly because I felt so rough) and she just popped needles into certain points on my body.”Clemmie Hooper, midwife and blogger.

What can I treat?

I have an extensive background in supporting pregnant women and have had success with treating and managing conditions such as; nausea and vomiting, back and pelvic pain, sciatica, heartburn, digestive issues, haemorrhoids, vulval varices, insomnia, carpal tunnel, anxiety and depression. I’ve also worked as a birth doula for the last ten years so I’m really up on all things related to pregnancy, birth, feeding and motherhood.

“Having a woman who could not only treat the litany of headaches/pains/piles/insomnia and give real relief… and at the same time give wise and calming answers to my birth questions and, I confess, act as a bit of a shrink.. well it was great!”

Acupuncture is an effective way to treat many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms and can safely be used throughout all three trimesters. Pregnancy massage and reflexology can work wonders too and can be used from the start of the second trimester. I’m also happy to combine therapies and find that using acupuncture with reflexology is a pretty awesome way to help you drift off and take care of any issues you’ve got going on (I’m a firm believer that all pregnant women should have the joy of having their feet tended to).

“This afternoon I feel quite energised and my nagging worries about the birth have completely left me. I feel much more relaxed – it’s almost like my body won’t allow me to get anxious about it! Which again I feel is a result of our treatment. Thank you!”

Sounding good?

Head over here to get yourself set up with an appointment or book a package.


Can I buy a pregnancy package?

You sure can.

Six Pack

Book six glorious hours with me and receive £40 off the usual price: £390 £350.

Mix and match treatments depending on what you need on the day.

Ideal for mild pregnancy issues, preparing for birth (suitable from 37 weeks), or simply need a top up!

Any unused treatments can be used postnatally – did you know that for any appointments booked in before your baby is six weeks old, I’ll come to you at no extra cost? Having twins? You get even longer; three months.

Annnnnd, I allow extra time for postnatal appointments, that way if you’re in the middle of a feed when I arrive, there’s no rush.

Help, my baby is breech!

If you’ve just found out that your baby is breech, please get in touch asap as the sooner we start encouraging your bubba to turn, the better.

Please remember that your baby has time to turn and that breech is a variation of normal.

During your appointment we’ll combine acupuncture with moxibustion, the traditional Chinese way of encouraging a head-down position which is well-supported by modern research. We’ll also go through some Spinning Babies techniques and I’ll give you a moxibustion kit to continue using at home on a daily basis, for this reason you might want to bring your partner with you so that he or she can lend a hand.

When can we start encouraging labour to start?

I start doing weekly birth preparation treatments with women from 37 weeks, and that’s not the same as getting labour to start!

I’ll want to look at if you have any deficiencies or blockages from the Chinese perspective which could get in the way of labour starting or progressing smoothly. Our sessions will address any imbalances or unpleasant symptoms you’re experiencing, as well as starting to soften and open your pelvis, mind and heart to birth and motherhood.

Research into these treatments concluded that they can help to reduce length of labour, need for pain relief or other interventions, and reduce the need for inductions.

So, do you induce women?

Erm, kind of, but I want to be really upfront here – your body and your baby are in charge of when labour starts; if they’re not ready to go for it, they’re not ready. We can certainly address things that may be going on for you and encourage things along, but I also think it’s worth remembering that your estimated due date (EDD), is … wait for it, ESTIMATED.

It’s also completely normal to be pregnant for 41 or 42 weeks (and sometimes longer), however I completely understand how it feels to have the threat of induction looming, which is why I start doing more stimulating lets-get-this-baby-on-its-way style treatments in the 41st week (or sooner if you have a medical situation going on which necessitates an earlier birth).

Women who work with me doing birth preparation treatments from 36 weeks seem to be less likely to go soaring past their due dates and this is supported by acupuncture research (as well as having shorter labours with less complications). For women who have had their first full appointment with me, I offer shorter and more affordable sessions from my home in Margate in the 41st week (30 mins, £35), the idea being that you can come more frequently if you need or want to.