So you had your baby, how’d it go?

Were pregnancy and birth kind to you, or were they unpleasant, perhaps even traumatic? Regardless of whether you had a so-called “easy” time or you got off to a rough start, motherhood is full on and too many of us are doing it with bugger all support!

Survival is the name of the game.

You might be dealing with physical and emotional leftovers from giving birth, breastfeeding issues, an anxiety that feels entirely foreign to you, and an inability to relax and sleep even though you’re so shattered that the 48 hour bender you went on back in the day now looks like a picnic.

When you’re in the midst of it all and unable to respond to your BFF’s repeated texts to see if you’re ok (you’re not), let alone arrange and get to an appointment and manage to breastfeed before your treatment starts, what you need is someone who will come to you and an extra-long appointment so that you can feed your little milk monster without the pressure of time.

Guess what?

That’s exactly what I do and what makes this even more awesome is that I do it for no extra charge. Yep, if you had your baby less than six weeks ago and providing you don’t live ages away, I’ll come to you. We’ll have plenty of time to debrief your birth and chat about how life with a newborn is going, if you need to feed or cuddle your baby (highly likely) it won’t eat into your precious treatment time. I even change nappies if that’s what needs to be done.

If you had twins or more, then I’m also happy to extend this offer beyond to three months (you’re welcome).

“The mother warming treatment I had a few days after my daughter was born really helped. Talking with Maisie during the treatment and feeling the warmth of the moxibustion really cleared my head, lifted my spirits and gave me an inner strength. She even took care of my newborn so that I could focus on myself during our sessions – S. Tindale

Had your baby a while ago?

Then you’ve hopefully realised that motherhood is as much about taking care of yourself as it is looking after your kids. Yup, that whole “take care of your own life vest before helping small children” analogy really is true.

You might be feeling like you never recovered from your childbirth year(s), even if you finished popping them out decades ago – that s!*t is hard work!

So maybe you’re simply in need of a top up; some time for you, a place to get well and get strong (particularly if you’re about to return to work).

Helloooooo PMS (and all those other hormonal issues you didn’t have before).

It’s hardly surprising that the demographic most affected by PMS is, you guessed it; mums.

We’re so busy taking care of our kids, partners, colleagues, parents, the hamster your kids begged you for and promised to take care of but haven’t, that our self-care is way down at the bottom of our mammoth ‘To-Do’ list. Not taking care of yourself always shows up as the frustration, anger, irritability, tiredness and weepiness of PMS. Not to mention changes to your cycle length and flow.

Oh and let’s not forget surviving on coffee, sugar, carbs and more coffee. Sure, it gets us out the door, but it also screws us over when it comes to our menstrual health.

Want to discuss things on the phone or book an appointment with me?

Head this way please, I can’t wait to help get you back on track.


I'm in the horrors and at my wits end, can you help?

Ok lady, deep breaths.

Well done for getting here. Yes I can help. I’ve supported many women through severe postnatal anxiety and depression, and am pleased to say that in my experience the combination of treatments and spending time with someone who is willing to listen (that’s me), is enough to shift things, often within days.

When you’re drowning in despair, it’s important to get outstanding support and put a plan in place. That’s why I offer to treat women who are struggling this way several times a week, and sometimes daily, at a reduced cost. I’m yet to need to continue this level of support beyond a week as if it’s going to work, it’ll work quickly and your treatment plan can evolve as the fog lifts.

What treatments can I have?

I find that a combination of acupuncture and the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (admittedly a bit of a mouthful, ATMAT® for short) work brilliantly at addressing most womanly issues.

I’m also a qualified reflexologist though I find acupuncture to be more effective at improving specific issues so my preference is for the tiny and powerful needles, though there are times when combining acupuncture and reflexology feels most appropriate.

ATMAT® is predominantly a self-care massage and is a fabulous way of taking care of yourself and any reproductive/hormonal problems. I’m also happy to use my skills as an aromatherapist to create an oil blend suited to your individual needs and preferences.

Can you help me recover from my caesarean birth?

I’m so pleased you asked – yes!

Acupuncture can work brilliantly in the early days when it comes to reducing and managing pain, and ATMAT® (Arvigo abdominal massage) is a fabulous way of helping you to heal and soften adhesions that have formed post-surgery. There are also some other self-care techniques that can aid your physical and emotional recovery.

Please note that ATMAT® is only suitable once your scar is well healed, usually around twelve weeks post-birth.

Got any sweet deals happening if I want to do a course of treatment?

I sure do.

Six Pack

Book six glorious hours with me and receive £40 off the usual price: £390 £350.

Mix and match treatments depending on what you need on the day.

Ideal if you have PMS, mild period pain, pregnancy issues, want to prepare for birth, are recovering from birth/pregnancy loss/unsuccessful IVF, are peri-menopausal, or simply need a top up!

Dirty Dozen

12 hours of treatment time with me in so that we can get down and dirty with what’s bugging you!

£780 £700.

We’ll come up with a cracking treatment plan that allows you to mix and match treatments.

Ideal if you have erratic/absent periods, heavy blood loss, full on pain, fibroids/PCOS/endometriosis, fertility issues, want support in the lead up to and during IVF or throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

To begin with our sessions will be an hour long, but once we’re in the swing of things, they may shorten so that our time together is spread out over more sessions.