Whether you’re preparing to conceive, already trying, or tired of trying, I can help.

You may have started off feeling excited and hopeful, but as time goes on your stress levels and anxiety are gradually increasing, whilst your libido leaves a lot to be desired. Like many women, you may be starting to wonder if it’s possible for you to have a baby, and you might be considering or preparing to use techniques to assist conception, such as IUI, IVF, and ICSI.

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to IVF and you’ve had just about every procedure possible. Maybe this is your last go on the roller coaster and you want to do all you can to maximise your chances.

“I was very skeptical about acupuncture helping me, and after a stressful 6 months of unsuccessful fertility treatment (following 3.5 years of trying to conceive), I never went into it expecting to conceive. However, I conceived in my first full cycle of treatment with Maisie!” – M, London

The ideal.

Where possible, I encourage women to see me at least three months before they start getting down to business, that way we have time to address any imbalances or hormonal issues and to lay a strong foundation before you go getting knocked up.

The reality.

However, many women come to me after years of trying. Some of them go on to conceive quickly after a short course of treatments, others find that seeing me gives them some much needed balance and calm amongst the care they’re receiving in fertility clinics, and for some, coming to me for treatment is about finding acceptance and exploring other ways of being a mum.

My approach

When it comes to fertility, I work by understanding your case from an Eastern and Western perspective. I look at everything together rather than waste time by addressing one thing at a time. To achieve that, I’ll want to see copies of any blood work and any other investigations you’ve had, as well as recent BBT charts if you’re charting your cycle. If you’re undergoing IVF treatment, then I’ll also need the details of the protocol you’ll be on as well as specific feedback after each scan (see IVF section below for more details).

We’ll delve deep into your reproductive and overall health, and I’ll want an idea of what your diet is like too. Often there are simple ways of improving your hormonal picture and fertility through food and supplements, but don’t worry, I believe in moderation and enjoying food!

Want to discuss things on the phone or book an appointment with me?

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What treatments can I have?

I find that a combination of acupuncture and the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (admittedly a bit of a mouthful, ATMAT® for short) work brilliantly at addressing most reproductive and fertility issues.

I’m also a qualified reflexologist though I find acupuncture to be more effective at improving specific issues such as a lack of fertile quality cervical fluid and luteal phase defect, so my preference is for the tiny and powerful needles.

ATMAT® is predominantly a self-care massage and is a fabulous way of supporting yourself when you’re trying to conceive … and all the way through to menopause and beyond. I’m also happy to use my skills as an aromatherapist to create an oil blend suited to your individual needs and preferences.

When's the best time in my cycle to have a treatment?

It is safe and ideal to have acupuncture throughout your menstrual cycle. Often women come with the idea that if they have problems ovulating, for example, they should only come when they’re ovulating. Whilst that is a great time to come for a treatment, each phase of the cycle depends on what came before it, so I view the cycle as a whole. Once we’ve done a consultation, I’ll be able to recommend the most appropriate times for you to come.

If you’re coming to me for ATMAT®, the best time to come is between the tail end of your period and ovulation.

Rest assured, I always assume that each client I see post-ovulation has conceived and treat them on the basis that they’re pregnant.

I'm having IVF, when should I start seeing you?

Women often start working with me in the build up to an IVF cycle, to take care of any imbalances and deficiencies so that they’re in a strong place before starting. Others come to me as their cycle starts, or on the day of embryo transfer. Whatever you’re thinking you’d like to do, please get in touch with me asap so that we can discuss your needs and what might be most appropriate, that way you’ll have all your options on the table.

I’m respectful and supportive of the medical care you’re receiving, and work in harmony with what your team are working towards. In order to treat you in the most effective way, I’ll want to be in close contact with you as your treatment progresses; after each scan you have I’ll need to know how many follicles are developing on each ovary, as well as their sizes, the thickness of your endometrium, as well as the results of any blood work you have.

With that information and your feedback regarding any side effects you’re experiencing, we’ll develop a treatment plan that evolves as you move through the stages of your protocol. The majority of my clients find that their dates for egg collection and embryo transfer move around depending on how their follicles develop, so I offer as much flexibility as possible regarding treatment times and moving your appointments around.

When it comes to arranging my diary, clients going through an IVF cycle are my priority. I’ll see you first thing in the morning and even treat at weekends and I don’t do that for anyone else!

Plus, because I believe so passionately in the benefits of acupuncture both pre and post embryo transfer, I offer these two treatments for the price of one (to existing clients only).

Got any sweet deals happening?

Dirty Dozen

12 hours of treatment time with me in so that we can get down and dirty with what’s bugging you!

£780 £700 (can be paid in two instalments of £350).

We’ll come up with a cracking treatment plan that allows you to mix and match treatments.

Ideal if you have erratic/absent periods, heavy blood loss, period pain, fibroids/PCOS/endometriosis, fertility issues, want support in the lead up to and during IVF or throughout pregnancy.

To begin with our sessions will be an hour long, but once we’re in the swing of things, they may shorten so that our time together is spread out over more sessions.