So, you’re probably here because you want to know the ins and outs of how I work.

I’m glad.

Your health and your life is a big deal, and when you make a decision to finally do something about the crappy things that bug you (wise move), you gotta find someone who’s the right fit for you to do it with. So here’s the nuts and bolts of how I work.


Once we’ve done a thorough consultation and I’ve got a good understanding of what’s going on for you, I’ll be able to give you an honest idea of what a solid and effective treatment plan will look like.

If I think you’ll be better of seeing another practitioner or trying another therapy, I’ll be upfront about that. Sometimes I hear from people with specific problems that I could help with, but if I have a colleague with a lot of experience in successfully treating that issue, then I like to include seeing them instead of, or as well as me, as a treatment option rather than keeping you all to myself (yes, I’m one of those kind-hearted people who just wants what’s best for you).

“Maisie is great at figuring out which clients are a good match for her treatment style and approach, and will be completely honest if she thinks that what she offers may not be what you need. that she was listening and responding to my concerns, and was intuitive about her approach to my needs.  Maisie has a rare talent for adding that little something extra that, together with her natural warmth and caring personality, left me very much looking forward to her next visit.” –  S. Tindale 

On that front, I’m not needy. I want you to get what you want out of working with me … and then move on with your life. I won’t encourage you to come week after week with no end point in sight. We’ll check in with how things are going on a regular basis and have open conversations about continuing to work together or reducing the frequency at which you come.

My diary

I don’t overload my day with appointments as I like my days to be balanced. Treating clients energises me because it’s what I love doing, and I like to feel as good at the end of the day as I did at the start of the day so that every client I see is getting me at my best.

“Maisie is so empathetic, sympathetic and devoted to making you feel better. she makes you feel like your the only patient she has.” – V, London.

By keeping an element of spaciousness in my diary, it allows me to adjust clients’ appointments as is often needed when treating according to the phases of the menstrual cycle or following an ever-changing IVF schedule.

If I treat you during an IVF cycle, I open my diary right up and will even treat you at weekends where necessary in order to work in the most effective way.

I’m big on Chinese Medicine, hormones and food

That means I’ll look at your case from Eastern and Western perspectives, and chat with you about what a healthy and enjoyable diet might look like for you. I’ll want to see the results of any blood tests or investigations you’ve had, and if you’re charting your menstrual cycle, copies of some recent charts too.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your menstrual cycle or fertility and haven’t had any blood work or charted your cycle, I may suggest that you do so. That way we have more information to go by and I can approach your case in the most comprehensive way, rather than waste time by doing one thing at a time.

Why is food so important? It’s daily medicine and it doesn’t matter the health issue or the therapies you try, if you don’t look at what you’re sticking down your trap everyday, you’re only going to get so far.

Easy wins and bigger hurdles

I’m big on self-care that’s achievable and sustainable, I go for easy wins that you can put in place immediately, which will get you in a stronger place so that you can make bigger changes with confidence (perhaps even grace).

“Maisie has changed my life. She meets you where you’re at, no judgement, only love.” – Amy Redmond

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