I’ve been specialising in women’s health for ten years.

In that time, I’ve given thousands of treatments, been a birth doula for over 100 women and their loved ones, and mentored dozens of doulas as they have started their careers.

I began my career as a child by eagerly torturing massaging my younger brother. I congratulated myself on being inventive enough to use a comb to scrape his back. Our mother didn’t.

Fast-forward a decade and one of my first jobs was caring for the elderly and terminally ill; bathing and feeding them, sharing stories and jokes, sitting with them during death and honouring their lives with their families. It was those men and women who taught me how to listen, and how to uphold dignity in the loss of physical, mental and social functioning.

Since then, I have completed a BSc in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture as well as six diplomas in other therapies and specialities. I’ve completed a year-long apprenticeship in menstruality, spent a semester in a hospital in China, been on several retreats and a whole stack of study days.

But here’s what I feel has qualified me to help women with their womanly issues:

  • Having a crap time on the pill as a young woman with depression and low libido, thank goodness I came off it when I did.
  • Tracking my menstrual cycle since the age of twenty, and predominantly relying on it as a form of birth control (and the answer is yes, it was highly effective).
  • Suffering from (and healing) extreme menstrual pain.
  • Experiencing a partial molar pregnancy which ended as a miscarriage (and labour) in the fifteenth week of pregnancy.
  • Followed by a very happy and healthy pregnancy, and a swift homebirth.
  • Spending several years in therapy (CBT and psychotherapy) figuring out my own shit.
  • Debriefing the births and postnatal experiences of hundreds of women.
  • Deepening the way I track my cycle to include my emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and using the power of each phase of my cycle and specific days to plan my diary and make the most of life.

Other bits and bobs.

I love going to bed early with a good book. I like to write early in the morning before the world can intrude. I’m obsessive about plucking my eyebrows. My favourite human is my boyfriend Paul, I’m fond of exploring his record collection and stealing his perfectly worn in vintage Levi’s. We have a lovely son called Nelson and I love wearing him in a sling. I believe in the healing power of cake and Violet is my favourite place to indulge. I have lived in Copenhagen and New York. I’m heavily tattooed. I love ceviche, Naomi’s yoga classes, Cos, long-distance walks, Maggie Smith in Downton, toasted buckwheat tea, anything from Aesop, NTS radio, G&Ts with lime not lemon, cosy blankets, cooking whilst listening to Just A Minute & I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, tending to my plants from Grace & Thorn (and sadly killing some), and slurping the ramen from Tonkotsu. Really, I just love food and living quietly. When I’m up for being not-so-well-behaved, I make a cracking Dark & Stormy and like to get sweaty on the dance floor (admittedly a struggle since Plastic People closed its doors and I became a mum).

I’m an all round fantastic person. I’m sure you’ll love me.