photoDearest Maisie,

I know you’re feeling frustrated.

You love treating women one on one; you hear their stories, spend time crafting treatment plans, and are filled with joy when they share how the work they are doing with you is helping them. After all, this is the work you were born to do.

And yet, it’s not enough, is it?

You dream of something bigger, you can sense it deep inside you. You know it’s big, you know it’s powerful, and you know it’s important. It’s always there in your peripheral vision, but the moment you try to focus on the details, it disappears. So you’re frustrated, because you don’t know what this thing is, but you yearn to make it happen. 

I’m writing this letter to you, to remind you that you are exactly where you need to be right now. You are a strong, capable and determined woman, but you are being worked by something big, and big things take time.

You are full of passion and wisdom. You are on the right path … It will happen.

Slow down.

Move tenderly.


Big love (as always), Maisie.


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